Fruit-Laden Carrot Cake

by Kate on August 28, 2015

anthologymag-blog-food-twiggstudios-carrotcake-1After finishing up a recent feature for the upcoming fall issue, I found myself with some extra fruits and floral props—one of my favorite perks of producing photo shoots. I didn’t know what to do with them, so I decided to track down some recipes that might take advantage of my bounty. When I came across this amazing carrot cake recipe from Twigg Studios, and knew I had found a winner.

Aimee, the founder of Twigg Studios, has an incredible knack for pairing simple baked cakes, cookies and tarts with edible fruits, flowers, and herbs to whip up visually stunning desserts. Made with summer stone fruits, berries, parsnips, and pecans, this carrot cake feels like a lovely way to precede the change of seasons. You can find the full recipe, and more of Aimee’s beautiful culinary (and botanical) creations here.

anthologymag-blog-food-twiggstudios-carrotcake-2anthologymag-blog-food-twiggstudios-carrotcake-3anthologymag-blog-food-twiggstudios-carrotcake-4{ All images and full recipe via Twigg Studios }


Adelene Simple Cloth

by Anh-Minh on August 27, 2015

adelene1I’ve been in my current house for about seven years now, and I have yet to figure out just the right combination of pillows in my living room. I’ve tried various patterns, solids, textures—but haven’t quite achieved that balance between comfort and visual interest.

Recently, though, I think I came across the answer to my decorating problem: Adelene Simple Cloth. The collection, which is handcrafted and sewn in Massachusetts, includes pillows with such lovely details, like tassels on the corners, fringed borders, and zippers done in a contrasting hue. The solids come in a range of colors, from subtle to vibrant. And the patterns are lively, yet not overwhelming so they don’t dominate the room. (I love that the Jailbird stripe is reversible!) Online purchasing will be available soon, so I’ll be checking in on the site frequently in the weeks to come.

adelene2 adelene3 adelene4

{ Top images by Rinne Allen. All other images from Adelene Simple Cloth }


Jazmín Berakha

by Kate on August 26, 2015

anthologymag-blog-artwork-jazminberakha-4We feel very lucky to be located in the Bay Area; it’s a community rich with artists, designers, shop owners, restauranteurs, and creative folks of all kinds. One local gem is Little Paper Planes, a shop in San Francisco’s Mission District run by Kelly Lynn Jones. (She also maintains an online store.) I often turn to Kelly when I want to get in touch with a local designer or discover a new artist. I had never seen the work of Argentinian artist Jazmín Berakha before spotting it on the LPP blog, and now she’s one of my favorite artists.

Right now, Little Paper Planes is offering an edition of full color, archival prints of some of Berakha’s newest embroidery series. Berakha is interested in questions of domesticity, temporality, and the meditative process of embroidery work. This comes across clearly in these latest pieces, which feature abstract geometry and a soothing color palette of corals, peaches, and sunset fades. I could certainly stare at these for hours on end. You can shop the collection of prints here, and also be sure to check out more of Berakha’s embroidery on her site.


anthologymag-blog-artwork-jazminberakha-2{ Images via Jazmín Berakha and Little Paper Planes }


Paperholm by Charles Young

by Nancy on August 25, 2015

anthologymag-blog-paperholm-1Are you familiar with that concept of trying something new for 30 days, and then it forms a new habit? I’ve tried it and honestly, my success rate has only been 50/50. But artist Charles Young initiated a project called Paperholm in August 2014, and he kept it going. Young set out to create miniature paper models and photographs a different one every day. He took a brief break this month, but I have a feeling that he will be starting up again.

The Paperholm gallery is quite an amazing feat. Each piece is made with watercolor paper and PVA glue, and are entirely hand-cut. The idea was to make something small every day and by documenting it on his blog, it would force him to make new things. Later on, he decided to start turning them into animated gifs using stop-motion photography. Eventually, Young hopes to display the entire cityscape, but in the meantime, you can view his entire gallery here.

anthologyblog-paperholm-2anthologymag-blog-paperholm-cityanthologyblog-paperholm-5{ All images from Paperholm }


Hanahzo Soaps

by Kate on August 24, 2015

anthologymag-blog-design-hanahzo-soaps-1After running myself ragged the past couple months, I’ve realized that sometimes, no matter how busy I feel, I have to remember to schedule downtime to stay sane. It was right around this time that I came across these colorful handmade soaps from Korean brand Hanahzo. Their company motto, “pause your life,” spoke to me instantly of course, and I decided to investigate further.

Their highly appealing candy-colored abstract soaps look like miniature sculptures, or slices of cake. Hanahzo ships internationally, so if you’re looking for a small treat for yourself, consider picking up one of these bars. As you can see from the images, they cheer up a space just by sitting on the countertop. To see the soaps currently available for purchase, visit the Hanahzo site.

anthologymag-blog-design-hanahzo-soaps-2anthologymag-blog-design-hanahzo-soaps-3anthologymag-blog-design-hanahzo-soaps-4anthologymag-blog-design-hanahzo-soaps-5{ Images via Hanahzo }